Light-duty pickups cannot be lightweights. Fortunately, Ram's popular 1500 is strong and durable. We offer this nameplate in Bryan, TX, and we're proud to highlight it for you now.

To create a Ram 1500, the manufacturer starts with high-strength steel. That compound forms nearly 100% of the Ram 1500's body. Due to the body's interior structure, you can easily haul more than 2,000 pounds in your Ram 1500's bed. That bed comes with a modern liner. It protects your Ram 1500's body when you're carrying sharp or jagged loads. Also, the liner is easily cleaned. You simply need moderate water pressure and a few minutes.

The Ram 1500's available options feature toughness, too. We especially enjoy the RamBox Cargo Management System. They rest at the top of your bed's sidewalls. You can throw all of your beefy tools into your RamBox. When you need to clean the system, simply loosen the specialized drain first. You'll love your durable Ram 1500.

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