Long Trip Tire Preparation Tips

Before you get ready for your next long trip, you need to think about your tires. You need to check them for proper tread and pressure. Doing this before you leave can help you save fuel costs and keep you safe.

Long-distance driving puts extra wear on your tires. If they are improperly inflated, this can cause them to wear more quickly. Improperly inflated tires do not make contact with the road on all treads, which can cause a safety hazard and decrease fuel mileage. A quick visual check is not enough. It may also be a good idea to check them during the trip.

The worst thing you want is for your car to break down when you are far from home. Be sure to bring your car into Bryan Chrysler Jeep Dodge to make sure that it is road ready before your next long trip. <a hrefhttps:="" www.bryanchryslerdodgejeep.com="" service="" index.htm"="">Schedule your appointment today!

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