When Your Car Makes Grinding Noises While Gear Shifting

Transmission problems come in several forms. While your transmission generally requires little maintenance before 30,000 miles or more, there is always the potential for a fluid leak. If this occurs, your transmission may cause grinding noises as your car changes gears.

If the warning light for your transmission goes on, don't ignore it. A small fluid leak can cause the light to turn on, which is a simple fix unless it is ignored for too long.

When your transmission is not running with the right amount of fluid in it, the parts within can get ruined. Bring your car to Bryan Chrysler Jeep Dodge for further inspection if the transmission warning light turns on.

Take good care of your vehicle by paying attention to leaks, warning lights, and strange noises. Whenever you notice something strange going on with your vehicle, get the problem checked out at our service center here at Bryan Chrysler Jeep Dodge so we can take care of the issue right away.

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