The Importance of the Tire Pressure Light

It's important that the tires on your vehicle have the appropriate tire pressure. If tires are under inflated or over inflated, this can cause a blowout. Thankfully, newer cars are equipped with tire pressure monitoring systems.

The tire pressure monitoring system in your car has sensors in each of the wheels. These sensors check to make sure that the tire pressure is within the acceptable range. If the sensors detect an air pressure problem, the air pressure light comes on in your vehicle. This doesn't always mean that your tire is about to deflate. Weather conditions can cause fluctuations in tire pressure. If you see that the light is illuminated, check your tires.

If the tire pressure light comes on in your vehicle, contact Bryan Chrysler Jeep Dodge located in Bryan, TX. The service center professionals can check your tire pressure and the condition of your tires. Tires can be repaired or replaced if that is necessary.

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